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interpreter of maladies...

is a great book. I'm writing a paper on it for my english class right now.
I love carleton and all, and don't get me wrong, I don't regret going here, but winters here just suck so much. I haven't had a good winter term here and I think this one was the worst. It might have had to do with the fact that a lot of my friends were off campus, I was taking organic chemistry, and I was holed up working all the time, never sleeping and it was too cold to go outside and do anything. Sad huh? I can't believe there's only 2 more weeks left in this term, though, and I'm really excited about my spring break plans. I think it's going to be really great, and I'm particularly excited about visiting my sister at school. I've gotten a lot closer to her since I left for college, and really in the last few months too...she's maturing really quickly now that she's away from home.
Last night I went to a party at this guy's house for American Studies majors, even though I'm not one. Seriously, I think American studies is one of the lamest majors out's basically for people who want to take classes in every single discipline but not really focus on anything. The people there were really lame too...I looked around the room and realized why there are so many sexually frustrated and socially awkward people at this school.
Ok, gotta get back to work. Maybe more procrastination later...
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