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So in July I'm moving to Madras, India for a year. I'm going to be working in an independent publishing house called Tara Books. They support and put out a lot of emerging Indian writers and artists and need help marketing their stuff to the rest of the world...which is where a westerner like me comes in. But it's cool, i'll get to learn all about the publishing business and international business in general...while getting paid to live in and travel around India. Should be good...I graduate late June, will be home for a month, and then am off until May 2006. I'm wondering what other people are doing next year...
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lisa, thats totally awesome...india is cool. aaaand, Madras fabric is sooo amazing, hand dyed....ahhhhh....extasy. keep in touch girl cause I can use nice fabric and I really want to visit india and will have time. in case you were interested i will be staying in charlottesville, making costumes for the theater department here. xoxo leslie.
hey les--you should totally come visit me. and if not, i will bring back some fabric for you. you are an amazing costume designer and i want you to have the resources to make amazing things...we'll be in touch. L