Lisa (leaseg) wrote,

terminator = antichrist?

Ok, I can't just not write an entry about how insane it is that Arnold Schwarzenegger (or however you spell it) is our new governor. And he won by a LOT too. What is wrong with you californians? Did you all send in your absentee ballots?
Well, I'm sitting here kind of braindead, chomping on some granola and listening to lester young. I had a calc II midterm this morning at 8:30 AM and I've had research papers and a ton of other work for other classes due lately so I've been getting negative sleep. I finally have a little break in my work schedule so I think I'm going to take a nap and go swimming this afternoon.
So...last week it was in the 30's and 40's and I was getting depressed about winter already being here and today it's 82 degrees outside. The leaves are all changing and it's absolutely gorgeous. Taylor and I went for a walk in the arb yesterday and played on the bank of the river and tormented a little frog we found. It didn't even feel like I was at carleton, it was so incredibly beautiful.
I have digital pictures of my Guatemala trip but somehow I totally missed out on the whole how to put pictures on livejournal thing and I don't know how to create a website to put my pictures on and link it or whatever. If there are simple instructions, someone let me know.
Things are going well here outside of classes. I feel like I'm in a really comfortable spot socially...almost too comfortable. I feel like I need to meet some new people. I love my friends but I need some variation. I think I'm going to start hanging out with rebekah and some other china people more.
I'm trying to figure out what i want to do over winter break. I have this bad feeling that I won't be able to get a job, just cause the economy sucks and whatnot. I wanted to go to Cuba with Ben and Gates but they're not being very organized about it so I doubt that'll happen. There's also this $245 non-stop ticket special from SFO-London right now...very tempting, but I don't think I'd really want to go alone.

Black Eyed Peas are coming to St Olaf saturday night so I think we're gonna go to that...good times. ok, i'm sick of writing.
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