Lisa (leaseg) wrote,

home for a while

So home has been nice for relaxation purposes...I've definitely gotten my fill of good food and sleep. I have a job now at Anthropologie which is making me get up in the morning which is good. Other goals for this break: work on fellowship application, study some organic chemistry (my impending doom), read some good books and get bored enough so i'm excited to get back to studying in cold-ass northfield.

Thanksgiving was nice. We had no family present because my mom's half sister decided she wanted to make her own turkey and we were having none of that so we both made turkeys and ate at our respective houses. My grandma decided to stay in Las Vegas with her new piano teacher boyfriend, BeJon (pronounced Bee-Jean (all french-like))...I think he's ukranian or something. yeah, weird. They are both tightwads and he's afraid to fly so the combination led them not to fly here for Thanksgiving and they went to a 2 for 1 dinner special they saw available downtown. no comment.
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