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spring break craziness

Hi friends,

Well, it's been another month since my last livejournal update...I definitely neglect this thing. I'm currently in my sister's dormroom at Yale and I'm leaving tomorrow to fly back to school. Classes start monday and I'm not looking forward to them, although I'm taking a lighter course load this term (if you consider organic chemistry and genetics "light") with 2 classes instead of 3. I'm looking forward to it being spring though, it's always the best term of the year.

My spring break consisted of 4 days in NYC, 4 days in DC, another night in NYC and 3 nights in New Haven. I've been traveling a lot on trains/ghetto busses named "Vamoose"/cabs/subways with just me and my green backpack. i looked like such a typical college student vagabond. My break was a lot of fun; not exactly as relaxing as it would have been to go home, but really worthwhile because I managed to see a ton of people I haven't seen in a long fucking time. It was nice to connect with old friends and family and see what people are up to these days. I also didn't have to pay for housing anywhere because I just crashed at friends' places everywhere I went so here's a shout out to neta, kendra, elizabeth, my sister and her 5 suitemates and the crazy NYC apartment lady for putting up with me.

Well, it's a beautiful day in New Haven so I'm going to go for a run. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing this summer. It's very likely that I might end up doing research at Stanford, which would be interesting. I'm not sure if I can handle being at home for such a long stretch of time. If that happens I'm definitely taking the last 3-4 weeks off and traveling somewhere like South America. Anyone want to come?
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