Lisa (leaseg) wrote,

Back home for a bit

I got home from Guatemala last night. I was there for 2 weeks working as a scrub nurse in a hospital in the rainforest. It was fun. I got to assist in the removal of a large hernia from a large lady and literally get a lot of blood and guts spilled on me. My main job was to pass instruments to my mom during eye surgeries and help her out. I even got to put a stitch in someone's eyeball. None of this made me want to be a surgeon, but it was great to be making such a difference. As a team of 35 or so doctors and nurses, we saw over 1500 patients in 10 days and gave healthcare to people who would never have it otherwise.
Outside of the hospital I made some friends with some guatemalan doctors (it paid to know spanish) and went to a town dance celebrating the acension of Mary...but it was really just a party for the village that went till 3 a.m. and involved dancing to elvis with a teenage boy, Alfonso.

So now I'm home and all I really want to do is hang out in san francisco. Anyone down? I'm home till Sept 1.
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