Lisa (leaseg) wrote,


yo yo yo I'm in India. I've been here almost a month now and i'll be here for the next 8 months. so...if anyone's planning a jaunt to south asia, let me know.
I'm living in Chennai, which is the biggest city in the south. I'm really loving it here...every day is really exciting and new. I'm working at a small independent publishing house and we put out handmade silk screened children's books and novels. I'm working with a bunch of Indian writers and artists. I live in an apartment and take bucket showers and do bucket laundry. I shop at the corner market for vegetables and cook indian food every morning. craziness. who knew my life could change so drastically so fast? Yesterday I went to a concert of tradiational Baul musicians from West Bengal...they all used instruments i've never seen before. This week I'm going to Bangalore on a "business trip" with two of my coworkers...we're going to visit bookstores that carry our books there...and check out the crazy IT scene.
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